Monday, July 9, 2012

Yummy felted tote bags

I love felting.  It makes me giddily happy whenever I undertake a knitted/felted project.  It's like Shrinky Dinks for grownups.  Also, the felting process tends to cover for most knitting mistakes, so it's a pretty sure-fire way to make something look amazing.

The tote bag above was a commission that I got to make a bag with these specifications:  Colors - periwinkle and dark gray; lining on the inside; outside pocket; and, square bottom for holding lots of stuff.

The bag above was another commission made with the same specs except it's done in black and gray.  Also, I thought the pocket on the first tote was just a tad too big, so I tweaked it and made it smaller.

The lining is repurposed from a fitted gray sheet that I couldn't use anymore because the elastic on the corners had worn out.

I love this bag so much.  I love everything about it.  Every time I do a felted project, I have to immediately get it out of my home or else I'll be driven to distraction with all the stroking and admiring of it.

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