Monday, July 9, 2012

My new favorite use for plastic shopping bags.

The other day, a few days after I finished my last big knitting project, my fingers got all twitchy for a new knit-job (like they always do if I let too much time go by).

I remembered seeing somewhere on the world wide web someone giving instructions on how to make "plarn" by cutting plastic shopping bags into ring shaped strips and looping them together, creating a kind of yarn that you can knit with.

This is the prototype that I made:  It's a basic tote bag, with one long strap made to be slung over your head and one shoulder.  I think I have some tweaking to do in the basic structure, but all in all, I'm pretty damned happy with how it came out.  Especially, I love the effect of separating the bags into various colors to create a quasi-ombre striping effect.

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