Monday, July 9, 2012

Felted bracelet

I made this little cutie out of the scraps leftover of from a big felting project.  I didn't have enough yarn to save, and I hate throwing away yarn scraps unless they're under a foot long.

So I took this week ball of yarn and knitted a 3 stitch I-cord until I ran out, and then stitched both ends together to make a long chain, and tossed it with my big felted project to see what happened.  I was thinking it might come out like a cool necklace that I could hang a charm off of.  But when it came out of the washing machine, I realized that my necklace idea might make me look like your zany junior high school art class teacher, and I'm not ready to embrace that phase of life just yet.

So, I wrap it three times around my wrist, and it gives me a little fuzzy piece of felt to play with and keep near me (if that makes me sound insane, well, then I guess I just have to accept that).  And something about this wrapped style bracelet makes me feel tough.  It's like my crafter version of a Wonder Woman bracelet.  Yeah.  I like that.

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