Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stuff To Cover Your Body.

You don't want to be naked, right?  Okay, I mean, imagine it's not swelteringly, brain-meltingly hot outside.  You don't want to be naked, then, right?
Here is a sampling of some of the knitted things I've made for you to stuff your various body parts into.

Knitted cowls!  They are like scarves that don't unravel, or leg warmers for your neck.  Since I started knitting these, I've no longer got any use for regular scarves.

Modeled by the lovely Ashley, my adorbo husbatron, and me and my husbatron.  (B.T.Dubs....he's the one with the mustache.  I'm the one with the glasses.)

Sure, I make hats for grownups, too, but seriously, who wants to look at adults in hats when you can look at BABIES IN HATS?  Right?  Goddamn right.

Tots featured, from left to right, top to bottom, are:  Max, Clari, Clari (again, this time in a mohawk hat), Claire, Evelyn, Grant and Kyus.  And I want to eat every last one of them. 

Wristbandzzzz.  Strawberry, Sunshine, Goldfish, Lips.  You know, whatever.

Thanks to lovely Donna for being a model with attitude. 

And now, parlaying into....

Armwarmers and a wristband/headband set.

The blue sparkly fingerless gloves above went to live with my magnificent friend Gare.

My husbo models armwarmers I made for cold bike-riding days.

And finally, my pal Timmy displays his enthusiasm for his USA themed wristband/headband set.


Two shots of honeycomb pattern scarves I did for two lovely ladies:  Maryann and Kelly.

Socks!  Here's my confession:  I'm a sock-whore.  I love socks, I can't get enough socks (although my sock drawers seem to think otherwise).

Above are just a couple of socks I've done.  And I've done PLENTY.

On the left are socks I made for hubbo.  On the right are a pair of socks I made for my uber-talented, super-awesome cousin Sara.  She happens to be a spectacular artist and human being, in case you're curious.

Felted boots!  Aw, hell yeah.  One of my most prized knitted possessions.  They are toasty warm and totally amazerrific.

Finger puppets!!!!  These were made as an inside joke during rehearsals for a play.  There's a horse named Bessie, Mamie Cartwright (the prettiest girl in town, at one time), and Louise.

Fun fact:  The fingers these puppets are resting on belong to a MacArthur Genius Grant winnner.  Shazam!

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