Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet knitted bat

Sometimes my favorite animals to knit are the decidedly less cuddly kind.  In fact, I amend that, I generally don't like to knit animals that are inherently cute.  I get off on the transformation (via yarn and sticks) of an animal from grotesque or icky to total adorbs-town.  That's my thing.

So, when my lovely friend Heather came to me with a commission of a bat for her mother as an inside joke birthday present, I was jazzed.

He's made with a soft wooly black yarn.  His wings have wire in them, so they are posable.  His eyes are silver beads with my lines running through the center.  And - the piece de resistance - his little feet are tiny black hair clips, so he can suspend upside down.

Oh, I want to squish him so hard. 

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