Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elephant in the room

Holy moly.  I've been a busy lady lately.

Between completing (and surpassing) a 30 day Bikram yoga challenge (yay, go me!),  prepping for a buncha auditions, and finally (!!!) finishing a rough draft of a play, I've barely had time to knit.  Let alone blog about it.

 However.  I have been able to squeeze in time for a few commissions in the last month.  Here is one of my favorites.                            

I mean.....I want to tear this little elephant apart with my teeth, it's so cute.  It's based on this pattern.  The happy accident was that I ran out of the light green yarn, when I still had the ears, tail and bottoms of the feet to finish.  Oh, the God of Knitting had a greater vision for this project than what I had envisioned, and I thank Her for guiding my needles as I finished this little mothertrucker.